Online Stores - Search Functionality & Product Categorization

In view of further increasing the functionality of our Online Stores and its Customer Experience, we will be adding enhanced Search functions for both Shopify & Magento customers within the coming months.

This Search function will allow your customers to find products on your online store in the same way they would on your domestic site. Up to the now this function has offered limited usability, however as we’re constantly looking to improve and enhance both the user and partner experience, we’re expecting this to be a welcome addition to the program.

Along with increased Search Functionality, we are also going to be releasing Categorization set-up on your Online Stores.

You may currently group items on your domestic website into product variations or brands, with our new categorization update, you’ll be able to do the same with your International Online Stores.

From a user experience point of view, you’ll know that your customers will find it easier and quicker to locate the wanted products, therefore refining the customer experience all the way through to our localized checkout.

The features explained above will be available initially to Shopify & Magento platform users, however we expect these features to be offered to all partners by the end of 2018.

If you do not currently participate in the Global Online Stores Program and are interested in finding out more, sign up here and we'll contact you to arrange a free demonstration of what we can do for you on a truly International scale.


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