eBay Terms & Conditions Update 2017

eBay have announced that as of February 2017, updates will be implemented with the aim of improving the shopping experience.

These changes will be based on improving 3 significant areas: 

  1. Optimised Mobile Device Experience - By removing Active Content (inc JavaScript, Flash videos etc) buyers will be able to view your listings and content much quicker, easier and more securely.
  2. Seller Hub to become the tool for managing stores on eBay. With Seller Hub’s professional business management tool, there will be a discontinuation of support for Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro and also 3rd Party tools such as Turbo Lister (as of June 2017 for the latter).
  3. Compulsory Inclusion of Product Identifiers in specified categories (please see this updated Help Center article for more information on Product Identifiers)
  4. Replacing Active Content: What is active content Active content includes third-party applications like JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins, and form actions. Such applications can negatively affect the user experience by inhibiting purchasing, increasing page loading times, and increase vulnerability to cyber attack and network security. eBay will eventually phase out the ability to use active content in listings, so you should limit or eliminate its use in eBay listings and Stores as soon as possible. We also strongly suggest you don't invest in creating or augmenting a custom Store experience with active content, since this capability will be retired at a later date.

Use this guide to help you remove active content or find a third- party resource to help manage it for you. Contact information for trusted partners who can assist is available here


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