How to connect Token Plus?

  1. When logging into your Dashboard, if you do not currently have ''Token Plus'' linked, you will see a yellow headline, prompting you to Add additional Token

  2. Once you click on the headline, it will re-direct to your Account Settings where all eBay Accounts connected to Webinterpret are displayed. 

  3. Click on a specific eBay account and the Token status information will automatically pop-up. The status of each Token will be displayed here, including which account it is linked to.

  4. Click Connect next to Token Plus and a new window will open displaying your eBay login page. If the window does not appear please make sure to check your Internet Browser settings and allow pop-ups for this site. More info: Firefox and Chrome.

  5. After you log in to your eBay store, the pop-up window will disappear and you will be redirected back to a Webinterpret > Accounts page. A green Headline will appear confirming the token addition was a success. Also the connection status on the account will change to active.

  6. If you click on the account you will see that both tokens are active.

Next time, whenever you want to access accounts page click on profile icon in the top right corner 
And select accounts: 


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