User Interface: Bulk Request tool [NEW]

Our new Bulk Request tool, available on eBay platform for our ProSellerPremium, Gold and Platinum customers, allows you to send selected items to translation and list them on chosen international eBay sites from your WebInterpret Dashboard (login needed) under the following link.

(WebInterpret Dashboard -> More -> Bulk request)

How it works:

1. Please log in to your  WebInterpret Dashboard and go to: More -> Bulk request or use the link

After logging in you may need to refresh the page to be able to see the Tool in the Menu.


2. Paste selected original eBay item IDs (12-digit number) separated by commas (in a column or rows). Within one request you can send up to 500 items to translation. Once it is processed you can add further items. Click Submit.

NOTE: Please take into consideration the limit of items to be listed free from insertion fees on international eBay sites available within your eBay Subscription.

You will find more about insertion fees on international eBay sites in the following article.

3. Select countries you would like to list items in. By default all your active eBay sites will be selected, you can unselect them using the switches.

4. Items should be processed within several minutes, depending on the amount, followed by a summary. If some items cannot be listed you will see the reasons in the summary.

The new items should be listed internationally within a couple of hours, depending on the translation que.

 In the table below you can find more information:

Possible summary messages: 

Summary message

What it means

What you should do

item already requested on this site

This item is already listed or in translation for this site and will be listed if meets the site requirements


item is blacklisted on site

Item is blacklisted or blocked on this site

If an item is blacklisted by keyword or blocked please contact us to unblacklist it.

items with variations not supported on this site

Items with variations are not supported and cannot be listed on this site


no shipping to this country

This item does not contain shipping costs for the chosen country

Please add shipping costs for the chosen sites in your eBay account or with WebInterpret Shipping Manager.


This item was sent to translation and will be listed if meets the site requirements


out of stock: stock unavailable for oi_id

This item does not have available stock right now.

Please verify if the item has available stock in your domestic market.

item not found

This item is not yet visible in our database.

Please let our database update your inventory and try again later

item is completed

This item was completed on the domestic market.

Please verify if the item is available / has available stock in your domestic market.



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