Why should I also connect WebInterpret's Token Plus?

WebInterpret users start their journey connected to our services via token.

In addition to the original token, WebInterpret also uses a second token called Token Plus to improve communication and synchronization between marketplaces, and to provide a backup connection against desynchronization in case of a token interruption.

It is highly recommended to that you keep both tokens connected at all times. 

What are the benefits of Token Plus?

With both tokens connected you will have:

  • Improved synchronization between international marketplaces
  • Faster inventory management
  • A backup connection with eBay

In the rare event that one of your tokens gets disconnected you will not experience stock, price and content desynchronization between your domestic and international marketplaces. In such cases you will be notified of an interruption and we will use the remaining token to synchronize your items.

Token Plus also provides faster and more accurate communication between eBay and WebInterpret, improving your general user experience.

How do I connect a Regular token?

Log into your WebInterpret Dashboard, click on your user icon and select Accounts. On the following page, select the store you'd like to administer and in the following sidebar press Connect next to Token Plus, then follow the prompts

If your token is disconnected or expired you will receive a notification to reconnect your token. Logging into your WebInterpret Dashboard is enough to reconnect your token.

For more on how to reconnect a token, read this Help Center article.

Does Token Plus affect Third Party Tool synchronisation?

Token Plus does not affect third party tool synchronisation or configuration in any way. Once the Token Plus is connected there is no change in the way your stock is synchronised. Token Plus is simply a guarantee that the connection to your eBay store is faster and more reliable. 

How Much Does Token Plus Cost?

Connecting and maintaining Token Plus is free and is included as part of our standard service

What will happen if I do not connect the Regular token?

Our services will continue to function as usual with only the original token, but we recommend also connecting the Token Plus to receive the additional benefits mentioned above.

To see more information on how to connect Token Plus, please read this Help Center Article



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