Claims and Insurance

Claims for lost or damaged parcels

We are doing our best to provide a quality service but your parcel might occasionally get lost or arrive broken. If so, please fulfil the claim procedure here and send it back to us with the item invoice. The invoice is mandatory, we do not have access to it so please download it from your eBay, Amazon or Online Stores account and attach it to the fulfilled procedure.

Up to what amount are my items insured?

We only offer compensation for the loss, damage or theft of items using tracked services (not including . Insurance compensates for items shipped by parcel up to an (displayed on a commercial invoice) item value of £100.

You can also subscribe for an additional insurance by paying 2.5% of the value of the item. In this case the full value of the item will be refunded to you.

However, please be aware there are some items that we do not cover for damage. Please ensure that you check our comprehensive list of excluded items before shipping. If you choose to send any items that appear on this list, it is done so at your own risk. We will not compensate any items that are prohibited from entering the network.

We also highly recommend that you see our packaging guidelines before shipping to ensure that damage to your parcel is kept to a minimum. Simple tricks such as changing the shape of your packaging can make a real difference.


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