How to use WISS Dashboard

Once you have signed up to the WI Shipping Service (WISS), go to your WebInterpret dashboard. You should see the following additional section in the top menu (Please note, as long as your token is connected all orders (Amazon, eBay or Online Stores) will be visible within your dashboard):

(Please note that Shipping Manager located in the More section is a completely different feature)

Once you have clicked Shipments, you will be taken to the main WI Shipping Service dashboard.


The tabs:

The New tab now shows Items that are waiting to be dispatched.
=> Here you can modify your orders and print the labels.

The Processing tab contains all your shipments for which you printed a label and waiting to be picked up by the courier.
=> Here you can still modify your shipments, cancel them or reprint the labels.

The In Transit tab shows all shipments sent with WebInterpret Shipping Service by default and the ones that are in transit to destination. 

!! Where tracked services have been used, the tracking status will be updated frequently. For untracked services, the tracking status will change to “Delivered” after the expected delivery date.

The Delivered tab contains all shipments delivered successfully.

The Issues tab shows all the shipments that are facing an issue during transit or at delivery. There might be required that you take some actions - e.g. correct the buyer’s address or contact the local post. It also displays when a parcel has been waiting too long at the post office and is processed to be returned to you.
=> If you have any doubt about one of those shipments, please contact our Customer Support.

The Cancelled tab shows all orders that were cancelled; it is automatically updated from your channels.


The sections:

  • Sale Site: The country and platform the item was purchased
  • Order: The buyer and transaction ID
  • Shipping Details: The country being shipped to, the type of shipping option (Standard, Economy, etc.) and estimated shipping cost
  • Package: The package weight
  • Order Date: When the order was placed
  • Order Price: Price of the order and bellow the price of the shipment
  • Actions: Lets you see additional information about the order, and Print the label, via the Quick View icon (Image) or edit the order via the Edit icon (Image)


Printing and Editing Order

Clicking the Quick View icon (Image) will show you the exact address where the order must be shipped, and give you the option to select the package size, weight and let you Print a label.


The size and weight values can be updated by the seller on a per order basis from the Package Size and Weight dropdowns.

Printing Labels

In Quick View mode, you can print a label for the parcel by clicking the Print Label button.

Filtering Orders

You can filter orders by either typing the order's ID number, or by clicking on the Filters icon.

Clicking on Filters will give you the following options:


Here you can look for items by filtering the order's:

  • Weight
  • Service (Standard Parcel Service, Air Express, etc.)
  • Order Date
  • Shipping Country

You can also mix partial numbers from order ID with the additional filtering options of the Search by order ID section.

Additional Editing Options

Clicking on the Edit icon (Image) will take you to a page that offers additional order details and editing options. Here you can modify the order's Shipping Address, Package Size and Weight, see an Order Summary, Print a label or add Additional Comments.



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