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WebInterpret is proud to announce the roll-out of a new and improved user interface! The new dashboard includes many additions that are sure to please sellers wanting to increase international sales.

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Some of the improvements (besides the new look) include a powerful item filtering system, improved shipping options, advanced reports and a custom translation feature. All improvements are designed to give sellers more control over internationally listed items.


We value your input so once you have familiarised yourself with the interface, please give us your feedback by filling out this online survey.

What’s New?

Powerful Filtering Options


The new user interface now offers a powerful filtering system that lets you view internationally listed items based on the following criteria:

Price - A slider that lets you define the price range of items you want to track.

Item Status - Shows items that have been listed or are in the process of being translated.

Listed In - Filters items based on the country they are listed in.

Eligibility - Shows if an item can’t be listed for some reason. The beta currently features:

  • No Shipping (if the item needs an international shipping option)
  • Blacklisted (if the item uses a blacklisted keyword)
  • Picture too small (if images do not meet eBay requirements)

You can now also sort results by price, with more sorting options coming soon.

Multiple Shipping Options

Tied to the new item interface is an improved Shipping Manager which allows you to define International Rate Tables per country and also create multiple custom shipping options.

The interface lets you create specific shipping rates in the Shipping Manager section, and associate them to specific items from a new Set Shipping drop down. This feature gives sellers unparalleled control. For example, you can generate a filtered list of items (e.g., per country and a specific price range), then assign a predefined shipping option to the selected items. Setting bulk shipping options has never been easier.


Translation Manager

The new section lets you customize translations by telling WebInterpret which words you want to leave untranslated. This is particularly useful for brand names that use common words you do not want translated. The beta only lets you globally single out words but future interface versions will allow you customize it by country. You will also have the option to define precise translations for specific words.


Advanced reports

Sales charts and reports have been polished up and can be customized by allowing sellers to adjust parameters on the spot. More analytics are planned in future releases.


If you are still not benefiting from WebInterpret’s international listing services and would like to know more, please contact our sales department at: sales@webinterpret.com



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