How do I cancel my WebInterpret program?

If you are a commercial programme user (Starter, PAYG, Premium, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Proseller), please contact our Support department. Our Customer Care Team will contact you to discuss your account and any additional information.

What is the notice period?

Please remember that you have to give WebInterpret a 30 day notice when cancelling a subscription account (Starter, Premium, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Proseller).

Pay As You Go (PAYG) accounts require a 1 day notice.

Free Trial users will receive an exit survey at the end of their trial that will help us close the account.


  • Avatar
    sagheer ahmad

    hi, I need to cancel my webinterpret

  • Avatar
    Graham Williams

    This way of gaining customers is disgusting and should not be allowed!

  • Avatar
    Graham Williams

    Please close this UNWANTED subscription immediately! Ticket number: 275808

  • Avatar
    Sirfraz Jamil

    Where is your web chat?  This site sends you round in circles. Not user-friendly Service is being cancelled 

  • Avatar
    Paul Proctor

    Totally agree poor support desk software and lack of an admin interface to do things yourself especially with Shopify is a real deal breaker, need to cancel ASAP.

    The support  interface is 5 years behind the times. Great idea but needs lots of work, all great software now you just cancel in the admin portal, very clunky

  • Avatar
    Ian Finch

    Hello i need to cancel my subscription. ive made four requests with no responce yet

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