How to filter my international listings within My eBay?

The view and process involved with filtering international listings will depend on which eBay dashboard you currently use. eBay offers two views, Seller Hub & the traditional view which we will refer to as My Account/Selling Manager.

To translate your listings we need to create new listings which will be published directly on international eBay sites (i.e., eBay France, Italy, Spain, Germany). So your translated listings will appear in active listings on your eBay dashboard.

However, you can filter your listings to see only your domestic listings. If you would like to see your international listings on your eBay dashboard just follow these simple steps.

First, we will guide you through the filtering process using Seller Hub.

Filter International Listings via Seller Hub:

When logged in to your Seller Hub, click on ''Listings'' and then ''Advanced Search'', and then to view your Original Domestic items, select ''this site only'', as shown below:


Filter International Listings via My Account/Selling Manager

First of all, log in into “My eBay”. Then select “Active” from the menu.


Click “Advanced search”


Then choose “site” and “all sites except this site” to see all of your international listings only.


 Finally, this will give you the view of all your international listings.


For additional guidance on finding and filtering listing, please visit this article available from eBay.



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    Alexander Krasner

    there is a huge problem with the filtering the listings via the "active"

    1. we can not filter listings "by countries". - only "by all countries at once"

    2. We can not filter listings "by countr"y and by the "shop category."

    Because when we filter it "all sites exept this" or "only this site", then the filter "shop categories" is off - and this is the problem.

    When the turbolister was active it was easy to do, but now, when the turbolister is turned off  - it is really impossible to make the bulk changes  by the shop category, because in the shop they are all mixed.

    Any helpfull idea how to filters listings now "by country" and "by shop category"?


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    Alex Korczak

    Dear Cutplot - We'd love to assist you in resolving the filter issues, to do so, please raise a ticket so we have all the relevant information. If you go to the link here, we can try and help you address it as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


    The WebInterpret Team



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    Alexander Krasner

    why you don't simply explain this issue me here, Matthew?

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