How do I set up my PayPal to accept foreign currencies (old PayPal interface)?

At present, your PayPal account is probably set up for your own currency only. With revenue coming in from your foreign listings, however, you are going to need to set up your account for other currencies too. For UK sellers, this would mean adding EUR, USD and AUD. If you are using the “new” PayPal interface please see this post. If you are using the “old” PayPal interface, here’s how:

1) Sign in to your PayPal account and click on the tab that says "Merchant Services" from the top navigation row

2) From the right side menu, choose "Manage Money"

3) In the next screen, choose "Manage Currencies" from the list, and click "Add or edit"

4) This will bring you into a screen where you can click to add a currency that you wish to be able to accept with your PayPal account. To do this, choose from the drop down menu provided and then press "Add Currency"

5) When this is done, you will see a list of the currencies currently accepted by your PayPal account. Please add EUR, USD and AUD currencies to make sure you can receive payments from additional buyers in Europe, US and Australia.

Now your PayPal account is ready to receive payments in the different currencies.




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