How to change back to eBay’s old store design: step-by-step

As you will have noticed, eBay has implemented a new store design. This new setup, while having various benefits, unfortunately also incorporated a new feature which can be very confusing for sellers. In your store, you will not only see your domestic listings, but also all the foreign listings created by WebInterpret too, whether they are in France, Italy, Germany or wherever. The old store design only shows your domestic items i.e. the real number of items available worldwide.

We therefore recommend changing back to the old shop design:

Step 1: Login to your “My eBay” page.

Step 2: Under “Account” go to your “Manage My Store” page.

Step 3: In the left sidebar under “Store design” choose “Edit store”.

Step 4: At the top right corner click on “Revert to my old store”.


Please note: Changing the design back to the old one is permanent. 


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