Changing PayPal details

I have changed my PayPal account... How to update my payment link?

If you are paying your subscription fees via PayPal, the first thing you need to do in such an instance is to cancel the first payment authorization.

You also need to send us information by contacting our Support department together with your new PayPal address (if changed).

WebInterpret Support will send you another payment link to activate the new PayPal connection.

I have changed my PayPal email address... How to update my payment link?

If you have recently changed your PayPal email address, you just have to send our Support department your new PayPal address.

WebInterpret Support will send you another payment link to activate it.

What to do once I get the Payment Activation link?

Once you have received a payment link from Support, do the following:

  1. Click on the link provided by our Support department.

  2. Click on the PayPal logo:


  3. Log into the other PayPal account you wish us to take payments from.

  4. A request to pay 1 GBP should be available in your PaylPal account. This payment needs to be sent by you in order to test the connection between your PayPal and our system.

A connection between WebInterpret and your new PayPal account will be established once the test payment is sent.


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