Linnworks - How to avoid automated relisting

Linnworks is a tool compliant with WebInterpret. However, two conditions need to be met in order to prevent Linnworks from automatically relisting your foreign items (which may cause stock desynchronization and duplicates that can result in eBay policies violations).

To avoid this critical inconvenience do the following:

  1. Your Linnworks software is updated
  2. Follow the instructions on Linnworks' official website (specifically the Limit Update to CBT Site section)


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    Steve Farr

    After doing this if you wish to return your Linnworks settings to normal without the Webinterpret listings being re-listed agin you need to use the Linnworks Pending Listings Strike Through report on

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    Dean Harding

    Then gives you a drop down box to select a country what one do I select is it UK?

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