Setting shipping rates on International Amazon Sites

To achieve full international potential it is important to correctly set up shipping rates on all Amazon marketplaces you list or are going to list on.

In order to configure your shipping settings please log in to your seller central and follow the steps.

1. Select which international site you wish to set-up shipping for (for example, etc) from the drop down menu in the top middle of the page. Selection of language is also available here to enable ease of use. This provides you full access to but in your chosen language:


2. Hover your cursor over the ''Settings'' in the top right corner and click on ''Shipping Settings''.


3. Below the information about your Shipping Country there are two buttons:

 - it allows you to choose between Price Banded and Per Item (weight) models.


  • Please note that Weight Based shipping is still under development, therefore it is advised to use Per Item or Price Banded model !

 - next to the 'Change Shipping Model' - allows you to choose locations you will ship to and set relevant rates for each.

4. Select supported locations and service levels.

  • For uncheck Deutschland PackStation and Deutschland PO Box unless you ship with DHL!
  • For uncheck DOM-TOM - these are French territories to which shipping may be uneconomical!


5. Set your Shipping Rates.

  • Note that ''Per Shipment'' value does not include the shipping cost for the first purchased item!

6. Review and confirm your settings.

7. Follow the procedure for all your sites.

Here's a video summarizing the process:

If you have any concerns regarding the process do not hesitate to contact us or Amazon Customer Support!



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