Getting started using WebInterpret with ChannelAdvisor

In order for your incoming sales from foreign listings to be visible and manageable from your ChannelAdvisor interface, both your WebInterpret and your ChannelAdvisor accounts require to be linked using a token.

You just need to login to your WebInterpret account and go to the following page:

(or browse through Preferences/Channel Advisor)

You will just need to follow the given instructions.



MyAccount/DeveloperNetwork/AccountAuthorizations is found on your ChannelAdvisor interface:



The profile ID you'll have to set is found by clicking on "Account List"



Please, read and follow carefully instructions until you see the following status on both accounts:

On ChannelAdvisor:

Please make sure that Webinterpret account is Enabled



On WebInterpret:



The token is now valid!

Your incoming foreign orders will be now seen under ChannelAdvisor as "Checkout Direct".



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