Online Stores - Managing Active Connection Between Your Store and Our Service

Webinterpret's Online Stores program runs via an active connection from your store to our service. 

When initially setting up your Online Store service, you will need to add this connection via whatever platform service you utilise ie Magento, Woocommerce etc. This is what provides the working relationship and stable synchronization of the program itself.

In any case where you wish to double check that the connected is live and enabled, we have provided some examples from various platforms below:

Magento: As you can see, the ''Status'' for all ''Components'' such as ''Webinterpret Key'' & ''Integration'' have passed the ''Status'' test. If any of these ''Components'' display as not connected or enabled, it will display Status as ''Fail(ed)


Woocommerce: Similar to the structure of Magento, you have the ''Status'' of the connection confirmed within the Wordpress admin integration. As per Magento, if any of these ''Components'' display as not connected or enabled, it will display Status as ''Fail(ed):



Bigcommerce: Under the ''API Accounts'' listed within your Bigcommerce Advanced Settings, it will confirm connection by being listed under ''Store API Accounts'' and will list the set-up aspects being processed under ''Scopes''. This will include everything from ''Themes'', ''Content'' to ''Order Transactions''.


Shopify: Within, you will see that the connection is confirmed via the message ''Webinterpret Shopify APP is connected''.


If there is any issue in enabling the connection itself, it may be due Whitelisting the Webinterpret IP Addresses. This is explained within this Help Center Article (if you are not involved in the set-up of the store then you should contact the System Administrator or Hosting Provider for assistance). 

In cases where you are unable to ascertain the issues concerning broken or interrupted connection, please contact us via our Webform and supply as much information as possible, including screenshots of these pages, IP addresses and any other relevant details.

If you have not currently signed up for the Free Online Stores Program, please register here.  





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