Input Quality For Brands in Item Specifics - June 2017

eBay has now updated their enforcement on item specifics, especially regarding Brand item specifics. To ensure your original items are accepted on your domestic eBay site means Webinterpret can appropriately list your items on international marketplaces.

If your Brand item specifics are not accepted for your domestic site, we will not be able to list (or successfully update) such an item as we utilise the original listing for localization. 

Please note these qualifications from eBay to ensure listings are validated (related to Brand item specifics):

Brand item specifics value format is validated based on the following criteria:

Brand value cannot only have special characters - e.g. *&#@

Brand values need to be valid and cannot have values like: "new", "other", "brand", "value brand", "brand new", "100% brand new","new brand", "approved vendor", "100% new", "others", "made in china", "see description“ etc.

Brand format checking will be invoked regardless if Brand is a mandatory or custom item specifics

Brand will be checked when:

  • Adding an new item
  • Revising an existing item
  • Relisting an ended item

Note: eBay always suggests that you provide the Brand in <ItemSpecifics>.

Whenever you provide them in <ProductListingDetails> and <ItemSpecifics>, make sure the values match.

This article which is available directly on eBay's help pages, will provide additional qualification to ensure your listings are supported appropriately.

To ensure your listings do not contain any invalid ''Brand'' terms, you may check this PDF which provides a list of the current terms not permitted to be included in ''Brand'' Fields.


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