Introducing Webinterpret's Localized Checkout

Welcome to the seamless, newly enhanced Localized Checkout tool. This continually developing too will give your international customers that little extra help (and push) at checkout.

What is the Localized Checkout?

The localized checkout allows your international buyers to benefit from the localization, currency conversion and international shipping options powered by WebInterpret.


How does it work?

Whenever an international buyer visits your website, they will be seen to be visiting outside of your domestic country, and offered a possibility to complete their purchase in their language, their currency and with a suitable international shipping method (please note, this is provided as an optional choice for your customers, and if they wish to proceed on your domestic store checkout, they can do so).

What’s in it for me?

Simply put, the localized checkout grows sales! Using extensive trialling and testing, those stores using the Localized checkout saw their international sales grow by an average of 26%.

Is it available for all Global PayPal Sellers?

For all WooCommerce & Shopify users, we’ll enable the Localized checkout tool automatically, so no need to activate the tool manually. For all Magento users, please use the following link to enable the checkout within your platform.

If you're not yet using our great PayPal Global Seller program, get in touch to see how we can give your eCommerce sales a truly International Flavor. Either at or Register on our PayPal Global Sellers page.



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