WebInterpret & WooCommerce - Plug & Play Partnership

The Webinterpret plugin enables WooCommerce store owners to instantly boost their international sales by around 20%. The plugin creates international versions of your store in local languages, local currencies and with local shipping options. As a result, you provide your international buyers with an unbeatable end-to-end local shopping experience.

It takes around 15 minutes for our team to setup and configure your store, and over the period of approx. 7 days WebInterpret will launch international versions of your store in over 60 new countries. All for FREE!


Automatic translation & localization
We translate and localize your catalogue, convert currencies, translate product attributes and launch your international stores in your choice of up to 60 countries. The process of creating these stores, will take less than 7 days.

Centralized inventory and orders processing
Inventory is synchronized for all countries and all orders are imported back into your existing store via API. This means you can fulfil orders and manage your stores using exactly the same workflows as you do currently.

International checkout
Accept payments in up to 25 different currencies. 

Internationally Compliant
All stores are built to be fully compliant with each countries legal requirements. This includes local returns policies and terms and conditions.

Parcel Forwarding
Offer the best international shipping rates to your buyers with WebInterpret's Parcel Forwarding service without making any changing your current workflow.


WebInterpret are offering an Online Stores service that provides the following, ALL FOR FREE!

Instant worldwide reach

Launch your store in 60 countries and increase your sales by 20%

We’ll translate, localize and launch your store in 60 countries in less than 7 days - See how that works with this FAQ

15 Minute setup

Install and configure the plugin in 15 minutes - 

Fully Automated

It’s all completely automated. 

We take care of translation, price conversion, checkout and hosting your international stores. 
We handle international shipping; you fulfil your new orders using your normal workflow. 
Your products are automatically synced across your international stores (translation + inventory)

It’s Free

WebInterpret charges nothing for this service

Payments are processed by PayPal whose standard fees apply



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