FAQ - WebInterpret WooCommerce Plugin

What is the WooCommerce WebInterpret Plugin?

The plugin creates international versions of your store in local language, local currency and with local shipping options giving international buyers an unbeatable end-to-end local shopping experience. This provides the full Webinterpret-WooCommerce Plug & Play partnership.

How do I access the WebInterpret Admin Panel?

In order to access your new admin panel, just log in to your WooCommerce Wordpress panel, and look for the tab WebInterpret. See below:


Why is it needed?

The plugin gives us access to your product catalogue so that we can translate and localize your products in order create the international versions of your store.

What does it do?

It synchronizes your product catalog across all the international versions of your store.
All new international orders are added to your standard WooCommerce order management and can be fulfilled using exactly the same workflows as you do today.
Enabling or Disabling the service
Gives your international visitors a translated and localized end-to-end local shopping experience.

How can I install or update it?

If you’re a new customer, signup here Webinterpret Online Stores and follow the instructions provided.

If you’re an existing customer and wish to update your plugin, you can download it here: https://webstores.webinterpret.com/download/plugin-woocommerce-latest

(please make sure that you keep a copy of your WebInterpret key just in case it is removed when updating the plugin, without this key you will need to register as a new customer again)

How can I enable or disable a country/market?

For enabling or disabling a country market, please contact us via our webform with the request in place. We will confirm any changes as soon as possible

How can I disable the WebInterpret service or plugin?

If you wish to disable the international versions of your store, we highly recommend you contact us and not do it by just removing the plugin. This may result in an unwanted SEO impact, and the international versions of your store may still be live. If you still wish to disable the service go to the WebInterpret menu on your WordPress admin panel, and select the submenu ‘’General’’ where you can change the status of the plugin to Disabled, we do however we still recommend contacting us prior to any changes or disabling of service/plugin.

Please note that changes you make may take up to 30 minutes to be implemented and visible on the international versions of your store.

For any changes or modifications that you wish to make that are not currently available in your Wordpress Admin panel, feel free to contact us.


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